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Custom Warehouse

In the current supply chain and retail scenario, warehouses today have evolved and double up as kitting and assembly hubs, contributing significantly in today’s competitive retail scenario.

In addition, with e-commerce players expanding their operations to meet the growing demands of the consumer, the need for warehouses has increased.  

Customised warehouses have allowed companies to speed up their delivery and assembly processes while investing lower capital on the core manufacturing process. With the introduction of warehouse automation, operations like picking, warehouse robots, barcode labels, and other technology-infused developments have allowed companies to cut manufacturing time and reduce expenses. Some parts of manufacturing processes which were earlier performed in the company-specific plants like assembling parts are now possible through evolved warehousing utilization.

Today, we have 3 custom built warehouses catering to the needs of our clients.  Depending on availability of land, custom built warehouses is another product offering of Dis3plex.

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