Dis3plex is a warehousing complex, jointly developed by Penang Development
 and Dynaview Sdn Bhd, a subsidiary of Heng Lee Group. Penang
Development Corporation is the premier socio-economic development agency for the State of Penang, Malaysia and
Heng Lee Group is a private local company with interests in real estate, warehousing and education.

Located within the Free Commecial Zone (FCZ) area, the cargo complex commenced its commercial activity in 2003, the same year the Finance Ministry gazetted the area as FCZ. A Free Zone permits certain commercial activities to be conducted with minimal customs control. The objective is to promote commercial and trading activities, including entreport trade, in line with the promotion of the services sector.

Commercial activities such as trading (excluding retail trade), break-bulking, grading, relabelling, repacking and other value-added activities are allowed to be carried out in FCZ. The administration, maintenance and operations within the zone is managed by the Customs Department.

Dis3plex warehouses enjoy minimal customs formalities compared with the usual industrial estates and even the Free Industrial Zones.

With over 476,000 square feet of lettable space, the 37 units of large, small and
customised warehouses cater for both small and large freight forwarders, international express courier companies and airlines. Some of our larger and better known customers are SCHENKER, KWE, KNOWLES, SCAN GLOBAL, PANALPINA, DHL, UTI and CATHAY PACIFIC.